She Speaks Corset Care Instructions

Putting On Your Corset From Waist Language Inc. 

Waist Language Inc. corsets come fully-laced so there is minimum effort required to wear your garment. 

1.Begin by loosening the laces at the back of the corset.

2.Next un-hook the busk at the front and then wrap the corset around your waist/torso, re-hooking the busk in the front center.

3. Start to tighten the laces from the top first followed by the bottom, taking up the excess lace into the loops in the center of the corset. 

4. Once the corset is partially cinched, stretch the arms in the air and wriggle your torso to settle the garment on your torso before attempting the final cinching. Also, take care not to cinch too much at a time; take your time, resting at intervals and ensure you gently tighten evenly and accurately. 

5. The end result of lacing the corset should be even laces all the way up and down. This will both aid comfort and prolong the life of the stays. 

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Putting On The Mermaid Corset From Waist Language Inc.

Properly Storing Your Corset From Waist Language Inc.
After removing your corset, place it laces liner side up and over a hanger if you plan to keep your closet  in the closet, this works perfect for you ladies who occasionally waist train. You may also place your corset on nearby chair laces liner side up if you plan on wearing it all the time and want to keep it handy. 

This not only evenly distributes the weight of the corset over the laces, it also protects the exterior fabric and allows the corset to air out keeping it smelling fresh. 

Cleaning Your Corset From Waist Language Inc.

If you need to clean your corset from Waist Language Inc. we strongly recommend you can spot clean using a mild detergent and/or  a fabric freshener like Febreze. NEVER wash your corset in a washing machine or toss in the dryer to freshen. You will bend the steel bones or plastic bones inside the product, ruin the fabric, and potentially rust the metal claps and steel boning. Occasionally, you should have your corset professionally dry-cleaned especially after a club night. It’s beneficial to wear a light weight camisole or tank top underneath your corset to maintain the life and freshness of your corset as well as to prevent marks and bruises on your stomach.  

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