She Speaks About Waist Language Inc.

Waist Language Inc. was established by Peaches McIntyre on April 16, 2014 in her 2 bedroom Section 8 condo after a heated argument with her sister. Her sister called her "broke, dirty, and stupid" she also told her "You will never be a boss." Peaches set out to prove to her sister that she could not only be a boss but be the best boss. 

Since then, Waist Language Inc. has grown into an internationally known Brand with over 34,000 customers worldwide and a warehouse located in Tampa, FL. Peaches McIntyre was also able to go "From Section 8 To Self Sufficiency" which is also the title of her new book scheduled to be released on April 16, 2016. To Learn more about Peaches McIntyre please visit her website PeachesMcIntyre.com

Waist Language Inc. is the first company to show a woman putting on a Butt Lifter on Instagram as well as the first company to post videos twerking in a butt lifter on Instagram. Since then, people have come to associate Waist Language Inc. and twerking simultaneously.  Waist Language Inc. was also the first company to show a pregnant woman in a butt lifter and a new mommy breastfeeding while wearing a waist training corset. These first are all because their CEO Peaches McIntyre prides herself on not simply saying yes or no to questions but in showing you your answer.

Waist Language Inc. prides themselves on showing Real Women, Real Bodies, Real Results™ and never use photoshop. Waist Language Inc. believes in showing women with C Section scars, stretch marks, and even dimples in their butt cheeks because that is how real women look. People choose Waist Language Inc. because they are real. 

Waist Language Inc. is all about getting the body of your dreams but staying true to yourself and if people don't like it they are quick to tell them SHUT UP AND LET YOU WAIST DO THE TALKING™ 

Waist Language Inc. is for the women who never let words break them but always let words them build them. 


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